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Timberland boots are an example of that odd phenomenon

Timberland boots are an example of that odd phenomenon of utilitarian shoes being embraced by hip fashion gurus. The same happened with Doc Martens when they were first introduced to the market. While Doc Martens started out as boots for the common British workingman and quickly moved to the punk scene, Timberland boots have made a similar transition from hiking shoes to the footwear of choice for hip-hop pioneers.
  The History of Timberland Boots timberland earthkeepers city chukka,
  From their humble beginnings, you'd never guess that Timberland boots would grow into the pop phenomenon they are today. While the name Timberland didn't come about until 1973, the history of the company dates back to man named Nathan Swartz who was making boots as early as the 1920s.timberland chukka boots women, Seeing a need for waterproof, leather boots, Swartz began producing them by hand and selling them in his native Massachusetts.

The technology behind Timberland boots is what makes them so special. Instead of the traditional way of making boots--stitching the uppers into the rubber soles--Swartz began fusing the soles directly into the uppers. This created a boot without any holes, thus allowing them to be completely waterproof. Timberland boots were one of the first to be able to make this claim.


In the '70s and '80s, Timberland boots became increasingly popular, timberland earthkeepers cheap,and the company expanded its production to shoes and other types of clothing. All of their products now bear the classic Timberland logo, a symbol of rugged quality that appeals not only to outdoor enthusiasts, but now also to those in the hip-hop jet set. Timberland remains a family company to this day, now run by the grandson of the founder.

In the past few decades, timberland investing has taken on a very different characteristic. Lumber and milling companies have sold off vast portions of their timberland holdings in order to focus on the production of timber products. At the same time, large groups of investors and investment companies have joined together to own vast tracts of forest lands. timberland three eye boat shoes,This allows for diversification and insulation from a market that is at once relatively stable and subject to unpredictable volatility.

Diseases in forests can create sharp fluctuations in timber prices and production. Wildfires also have an impact on the timber industry for obvious reasons. These are two of many reasons diversification in a timber portfolio is important. By investing in timberland properties in several of the major domestic timber production zones (namely the Pacific Northwest,cheap timberland boots  the Northeast, and the South), you create a hedge against such disruptions.